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SpeedyPrep ~ A Review

Two of my high school age kiddos have been working through the material from SpeedyPrep. SpeedyPrep helps prepare students for taking CLEP tests. This program utilizes a flashcard, fill in the blank format in order to teach the subject material. There are 24 courses that will provide the student with the facts, concepts, and vocabulary to prepare for test taking success. This is an online program. 

If you are not familiar with CLEP tests in a nutshell they are exams that students can take, and if they pass, the student can receive college credit. Each CLEP test covers a particular subject and are based on College Board Standards.  

Wow, this review could not have come a more of an opportune time! My 10th and 11th graders have been studying to prepare for the entrance exams for junior college. This next year instead of utilizing co-op classes my kiddos will be taking classes at our local junior college for dual credit. So, even though this site is to prepare an individual for taking CLEP tests it was extremely helpful for my students that needed to take test in writing, reading, and math. 

SpeedyPrep offers material for the following subjects:



Foreign Language

History & Social Sciences



Psychology & Human Development

So how exactly does SpeedyPrep work? The program utilizes a fill in the blank flashcard system. The student simply types in the answer and clicks the submit button. If correctly answered it will display a green check mark banner with an explanation of the answer. If incorrect it will display a red banner with an "X" along with the correct answer and explanation. The flashcards are supplemented with short videos and explanations to questions asked. If a student is unsure of an answer they can just click the submit button and the answer and explanation will be given. Using the Mastery Learning Principle students with repeated exposure to the material will gain mastery. After correctly answering any particular question correctly multiple times the program will automatically advance you on in the particular subject you are working through. What is AWESOME about the program is that it will let you know when you have successfully mastered any given subject and are ready to take the CLEP test. No worrying about have I studied enough? 

And the added bonus, drumroll...if you do not pass your CLEP tests SpeedyPrep will refund your subscription fee! The student must have completed 90-100% of the material in any given subject to qualify for this refund. 

SpeedyPrep can be used on many types of devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, ect.). Only one device can be used at any given time. The reason for this is because the program cannot record progress on more than one device at a given time. It should also be noted that if the student repeatedly gets questions wrong the progress bar isn't going to move. This feature is built into the program. This feature is in place so as not to advance students unless they really know the material. 

Some important information about SpeedyPrep is that:
  • SpeedyPrep questions are NOT actual CLEP questions
  • Watching the videos alone will NOT prepare you for the CLEP, it is merely a supplement
  • It is important that  a student take the high school equivalent of a particular subject before attempting to take a CLEP
  • This program is suggested for students 16 and older

My high schoolers concentrated on the math, composition, and literature portions of the program. Math tends to be their nemesis and is definitely what they are concerned about the most. This past week my high schoolers went and took the TSI exams at our local community college and both passed the reading and writing with flying colors!! What does this mean for them. Well, it means that they tested well enough to take college level courses while still in high school. We will most definitely be using SpeedyPrep to try and CLEP out of some of the basic classes this summer. 

I actually have enjoyed working through some of the subjects myself to refresh my knowledge in various subjects. 

For each subject you can choose "select all" to go through all of the sections or you can select individual sections in a given subject to study and focus on particulars such as illustrated below. 

After completing a given section within a subject it is recommended that the student use the "repeat missed questions" button. This will take the student back to all questions missed. Studying missed questions right after completing a section will help the student to remember the correct answers. 

If you have multiple children using SpeedyPrep you need to be aware that if two students study a single subject, the algorithm will record both students work. This is a bit of an issue if you have two kids needing to complete the same subject. 

One one thing that my kiddos and I did not like was that with most questions requiring the student to actually type in a response and if they misspell a word it is incorrect. For instance, in Psychology, if you misspell "Piaget" when asked about his theory on Cognitive Development your answer is wrong. This can be quite discouraging especially for names or words that have more difficult spellings. 

Overall, I think that SpeedyPrep is a good study tool. I would recommend this program to other. 

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