Saturday, April 22, 2017

Raw High Calorie Cookies

1 cup Nutivia coconut oil
(1,920 cal, 224g fat)
1 cup chunky Jif peanut butter
(1,520 cal, 128g fat, 56g protein)
1 10oz bag Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips
(1,520 cal, 95g fat, 19g protein)
1 12.7oz bag Quaker Perfect Portions Maple Oatmeal
(1,280 cal, 24g fat, 48g protein)
1 cup Kirkland Almonds (finely chopped)
(680cal, 60g fat, 24g protein)
1 cup Aldi brand corn flakes
(130 cal, 2g protein
2 cups Orgain Plant Based Protein Powder
(900cal, 24g fat, 126g protein)
2 cups unprocessed honey from the hive
(1,024 cal)

I mixed all of the above together until well mixed.
I then scooped 1/4 cup serving into a cookie type shape. 
Put in freezer to get cold. Package separately to preserve freshness.
Take from freezer to eat.

This made approximately 24, 1/4 cup servings. Each cookie has approximately
374 calories
23 grams of fat
11.5 grams of protein

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