Monday, June 13, 2016

Forbrain®~ A Review

I had the opportunity to review Forbrain® a new device from Forbrain® - Sound for Life Ltd. Forbrain® is dedicated to helping individuals enhance language and learning. The device consists of a headset with microphone and dynamic filter which works by enhancing specific patterns in your voice, thus delivering your voice directly to your bone structure. You can read more about Forbrain®'s Auditory Technology  and how the headphone utilizes high frequency vibration to enable the user to better process sound.

The website has a page dedicated to protocol and program suggestions. This page is extremely helpful in figuring out depending on age how long to spend each day using the device. For example, for a child between the ages of 5-15 it is recommended that you spend 15 minutes a day using Forbrain®. The volume is preset to the default volume that is suitable for optimal use. With that said, there are volume up and down buttons to adjust the volume for those that may have poor hearing or for those that are hypersensitive to sound. It is recommended that you use the device for at least 6 weeks to get optimal benefits.

When my daughter first used Forbrain® her eyes got big and she was intrigued by listening to herself talk. All of the sounds around suddenly became insignificant because hearing her voice was in the forefront. By filtering out distracting background noise and focusing on her spoken words she began learning in a whole new way. 

My daughter said, "Mom, it is like I am able to shut out everything except for my own voice."

Hearing your own voice. Why is that helpful? Forbrain®'s technology gives the user the ability to hear your own voice which aids in attention, memory, and concentration. By hearing your voice you become aware of articulation, volume, tone, and the rhythm of your speech. The user is able to adjust all of these things to better improve and strengthen neuro pathways in the brain. 

Math is the one subject that my daughter has a hard time staying focused on. I decided to give Forbrain® a shot to see if it would help. I had my daughter say the problems out loud before trying solving them. To my surprise she was able to stay on task, remain focused, and compete the problems in a shorter amount of time. Normally, I have to constantly redirect my daughter and using Forbrain® cut significantly down on the redirection. I really believe that by speaking the problems out loud before solving them helped her connect with the area of the brain where the pertinent information was stored. 

My daughter was motivated to read more than she normally read when using Forbrain®. I found that she read with greater confidence, clarity, speed, and comprehension. She was not as frustrated when given written material that was more challenging.

According to Forbrain®, "Sustained attention allows for clearer thinking, greater productivity, and improved memory."

I found this statement to be 100% accurate! Through heightened bone conduction, Forbrain® enhances sound processing and attention. This page gives an amazing overview of Forbrain®'s applications which include:
  • Sharpen your senses
  • Reading and Writing
  • Verbal or Short-term memory
  • Attention and Ability to stay on task
  • Concentration and Focus
  • Speech, Pronunciation, and Fluency
  • Motivation, Self-esteem, Self-confidence 

My daughter is 8 years old but is extremely small for her age. When I first received the Forbrain® device I was concerned about it being too big for her head. I was quite surprised at how the device fit and stayed in place. I did notice that the microphone piece was somehow bothering her because she continued to move it down. I was readjusting it frequently. I asked her why she continued to fidget with it and she said that seeing it distracted her. My daughter deals with sensory issues and things that would normally not be an issue for others are for her. After using the device myself I keyed in on what may have been causing a bigger issue for her. My daughter has sensory issues pertaining to loud sounds and noise. When the microphone is placed correctly it amplifies ones voice. My solution, I let her place the microphone in the position she felt most comfortable with. Over the weeks I have been slowly moving it further up and eventually the goal is to have it in a more effective position.

Forbrain® has a great video to give an overview of their product. 

By now you may be wondering, where is the scientific data backing up this technology. Well, Forbrain® has many scientific studies that have been conducted and that are currently in progress. There is also a pdf pertaining to the scientific evaluation of Forbrain®. It should be noted that Forbrain® does not claim this to be a cure for learning disabilities, rather it is a useful tool in addition to current therapy. Also, the device can be quite beneficial for anyone. 

I am extremely impressed with results that I have seen since my daughter began using Forbrain®. The device is extremely lightweight, comfortable, and has amazing sound quality. I will definitely have my daughter continue to use the device. It is a great tool. I would highly recommend Forbrain®.

My daughter said, "I give Forbrain® a thumbs up". 

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  1. Wow! Who would've thought about something so handy. With my youngest kid starting high school classes this will come in handy. Thanks for the review.