Tuesday, June 28, 2016

NotebookingPages.com ~ A Reveiw

I have really enjoyed my Lifetime Membership from NotebookingPages.com. Imagine one place with literally thousands of options for copywork, notebooking, projects, blank pages, and so much more.  It is important to note that this is not a curriculum and that these are not worksheets. 

You may be thinking, where do I begin. What exactly is notebooking and how do I get started. Well, first off, start simple. Here are some easy tips to get started. 
  • Choose a subject of interest
  • Find resources such as books, the internet, videos, or any media type of your choosing
  • Read, research, and immerse yourself into the subject
  • Write about what you learned 
  • Illustrate what you learned
  • For the younger student dictation and copywork is great
  • There is no wrong way to notebook because each individual will create there own unique binder, folder, book, or page
Notebooking allows the student freedom to write and illustrate what they are learning in a fun way. Is a a great supplement to add to any curriculum. Simply put, notebooking is a unique record of learning. There are load of resources online for notebooking ideas as well as tutorials, guides, and ideas. 

I used NotebookingPages.com with my 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade children. 

When I first logged into NotebookingPages.com I was met with a sea of choices just waiting to be explored. My 10 year old daughter has an insatiable fascination with animals so it was a no brainer that I would check out the sections containing animals. My daughter was thoroughly excited when I presented her with a binder filled with notebooking pages of some of her favorite animals. It wasn't long before she was pulling out all of her books on animals. She spend countless hours on the computer researching each animal and finding unique and interesting facts to write about.

While we use set curriculums I have always found notebooking to be a great learning tool. Many of my kiddos notebooking creations throughout the years have become keepsakes. They are portraits of what my children were learning at the time, what their handwriting looked like, how they colored, and so much more. 

My middle school daughter drew a picture of a flamingo and learned some very interesting facts about them. Did you know that the color of a flamingo's feathers are a result of what they eat? 

Audubon Print in the Fine Art Section 

NotebookingPages.com is constantly updating their site. 
They post newly added material. 

Study's include A-Z, Bible/Characters, Famous People, Fine Arts,
Geography, History, Holidays, Language Arts, and 
Science and Nature


Table of Contents in Animals with a Subcategory of Amphibians

Numerous Options for Printing Pages 

Informative Tutorials 

Informative Videos

Photo Gallery of Completed Notebooking Samples

With Independence Day coming up I had my 3rd grader write out The Pledge of Allegiance using the Language Arts, Star Design copywork pages.

I found a great printout to record books that my kiddos read. 

I have really enjoyed utilizing the amazing resources available through NotebookingPages.com. I would highly recommend this site to my fellow homeschool friends. I plan to utilize this site for months and hopefully years to come. 

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