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Veritas Press ~ A Review

My children absolutely loved by Veritas Press. Veritas Press graciously gave me a one year family online subscription. is a wonderful way for your children to learn God's Word. Through the use of illustrated Bible stories, lessons, and games your child will learn God's truths. Children will love working at their own pace as they walk through the Bible with Parents will love that there is NO PREPARATION NEEDED, everything is online with automatic feedback, while tracking your child's progress. The program is geared for grades 2-6. 

The current courses that are available are:

  1. Genesis to Joshua
  2. Judges and Kings
  3. The Gospels is currently working on the following courses for future release:

  1. Chronicles to Malachi and Job
  2. Acts to Revelation
My 3rd and 5th graders used Lessons are broken down parts. Each part consists of varying content such as:

  • Bible Story 
  • Memory Song
  • Scripture Review
  • Lesson Wrap-Up
  • Lesson Review
  • Maps
  • Quizzes 
Each lesson, in its entirety, can be viewed by clicking on the content drop down menu.  displays all parts contained in the lesson. Each part varies in length, from seconds to several minutes in length. In all each lesson takes on average a half an hour to complete. Some days my kiddos could complete a whole lesson while other days they completed only a couple of segments within a lesson. 

The course covers 32 major biblical events. 

Worried about your child skipping parts within a lesson. Each segment is locked until your child completes what they are currently working on. 

My 3rd grader worked through some of Judges and Kings, a lesson or two from Genesis, and  a bit from The Gospels. Her attention span definitely required multiple sessions in order to complete a lesson. I loved that each time my daughter went into the program it automatically picked up where she lasted ended. She found the quizzes to be quite difficult and challenging. Many times she had to go back into the lesson in order to find the answers. The questions asked require extreme attention to detail. My daughter most definitely liked the stories the best. The quizzes and questions were her least favorite part. 

My 3rd grader said,
"I really like learning the Bible with this program. I don't get bored. I learn a lot. Some of the stuff I know from Sunday School but some stuff I don't know. The questions are kind of really hard. If you don't really pay attention you will get a lot of stuff wrong. Some of the words are hard to read."

My 5th grader began with Genesis. She was shocked when it came to quiz time. Students really have to pay attention to details in order to answer the questions. My 5th grader was much more prepared for the in depth details than her younger sister. This program definitely challenges your biblical knowledge. 

My 5th grade daughter said,
"I give VeritasBible five stars! I like that the lessons are split up into small chunks. At first I thought the videos with the people acting were kind of cheesy but then I got used to them and really liked them. I have learned a lot. I like that everything is online and that I don't have to do any work offline. The program makes learning the Bible fun and interesting. Some things that I didn't understand before I know understand better."

Map Trail Through The Judges of Israel

Story Video

Animated Story


Catchy Songs That Really Help



Quiz Score

Comprehensive Printable Overview of Lesson

My children absolutely loved this program!!! They eagerly spent time learning God's Word with this captivating program for children. I would highly recommend this program to fellow homeschoolers and friends wanting to encourage their child's walk with the Lord. 

I will most definitely continue to use this program as part of our core curriculum. Overall,  I really liked this program. I have been so impressed with the quality of the program that I am highly considering using more of Veritas Press curriculum. I am currently sifting through all of their amazing online programs. That you Veritas Press for creating a wonderful Bible program!! 

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