Wednesday, May 10, 2017

All Ice Is Not Created Equal

Due to Gastroparesis and FPIES my almost 9 year old daughter pretty much has a virgin palate. Between 6- 9 months old her body rejected ALL food. Since then she has been fed through a feeding tube. This is where ice comes in. Despite her crazy issues she does enjoy eating ice, as well as salt and sugar. Anyways, back to the ice. Did you know that all ice is not created equal? Did you know that ice has different tastes? Well, for most of us this would not even cross our minds. Well, for my kiddo it does. In order to not damage the enamel on her teeth we stick with soft ice and snow cone type ice. Some of her favorite soft ice comes from places such as Sonic, Chick-fil-A, Chicken Express, and of course hospital ice. You know the small chunks of ice that melt in your mouth? Well, for days my daughter had been saying that she was really craving Sonic ice. I continued to put off going. She was in tears. That is when reality hit and I said to myself, "Good grief, we all crave food from time to time." Since ice is a huge part of her existence I got to thinking.....maybe she really can taste the difference between certain ice. So, I dried her tears and got in the car and drove to Sonic to get her much beloved ice. She was in complete bliss with her cup of Sonic ice. I had to giggle when ordering and I told the guy that I wanted a small cup of ice and he said, "And what else?" To that I said, "Nothing." I am sure he was quite confused. That is okay because I knew that my daughter's huge smile in the backseat said it all.

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