Tuesday, May 9, 2017

IEW ~ A Review

Home School Essay Intensive  from Institute for Excellence in Writing  is a great way to equip your high school age students for general essay writing, prepping for the SAT® and/or ACT® essay, as well as techniques for writing a college application. This curriculum is intended for grades 9-12. 

Included in this intensive are:

  • 5 DVDs
  • Student Handouts
  • Portable Walls for the Essayist Folder
I currently have two high schoolers as well as one that will be entering high school next year.   This spring my sophomore and junior needed to take the TSI for acceptance into junior college for duel credit next year. One of the many tests that they had to complete was to write an essay. This program gave them the tools needed to successful prepare for this part of the test. As they both prepare for applying to 4 year universities as well as writing essays for potential scholarships and grants IEW definitely has given them an upper hand. 

There are 4 main parts to High School Essay Intensive:

  • General Strategies for Essay Writing
  • Understanding and Preparing for the New ACT® Essay
  • Understanding and Preparing for the Redesigned SAT® Essay
  • Strategies for the "Personal Essay"
Before beginning the program students are instructed to complete an Initial Exercise. Given the choice of two prompts they are given 20 minutes to complete an essay. Students watch DVD seminar like lectures and then apply what they have learned in their writing. 

Portable Walls for the Essayist
This fold out is full of amazing helps! It is truly a reference guide that your student will benefit from not only in high school but also college. Included in this folder is:

  • Types of essays with brief explanations
  • Essay Models
  • Essay Writing Process
  • Essay Writing Strategies
  • Sentence Pattern Variety
  • TRIAC Paragraph
  • Specific Essay Models
  • List of Transitional Words and Phrases

High School Essay Intensive Worksheets
Included in the kit is a stapled packet filled with worksheets, essay prompts, and essay forms that will be used throughout the program. 

There are 5 DVD's for a total of 6 1/2 hours of teaching. Included in the DVD sleeve is a unique activation code to video stream the seminars. The lecturer Andrew Pudewa as well as a class of students will walk your students through this essay intensive program. Mr. Pudewa utilizes a large white board to demonstrate what he is talking about. He is very easy to follow. 

I would have shared parts of my kiddos essays but they asked me to please respect some of their privacy and not post them. Two of my kiddos wrote essays for admittance into junior college and they both got great scores on their essays. They were given several prompts then had to choose on and write on the given topic. The tools that are learned in this program definitely aid in successful essay writing. 

It should be noted that this essay intensive program is a supplemental writing program. 

I have used may IEW curriculum and have been impressed with all of it. This particular program is definitely something that I would highly recommend to others. Even if your child is a good writer they will greatly benefit from this essay intensive.

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