Thursday, May 4, 2017

Camel Milk

The benefits of camel milk are HUGE! 
Don't know much about camel milk? 
Well, it is time to find out. 

I recently discovered Desert Farms and am so very excited!! I have a daughter who deals with significant GI issues as well as food allergies. 


Out of desperation I have turned to looking "outside of the box" with regards to finding safe food alternatives. Food allergies, FPIES, GI issues, and autoimmune diseases are on the uprise. Individuals are searching for alternative treatments and solutions to these often debilitating conditions. When I began looking into the benefits of camel milk I was stunned. Did you know that camel milk is the closest one can get to human breastmilk? 

Here is an amazing journal article on Camel Milk for Food Allergies in Children

Seven amazing benefits of camel milk. Read this link.

We are currently on day 5 of our camel milk trial. I plan 
on updating as we go along. 

Want to try camel milk? 
Click on the link below to receive a discount!


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