Tuesday, May 2, 2017

ArtAchieve ~ A Review

ArtAchieve  provides fantastic online art lessons for children and adults of all ages. We had the opportunity to review the Entire Level IV which includes 10 lessons. The art featured in ArtAchieve features art from all around the globe. ArtAchieve has 5 levels of study and can be purchased in bundles, by level, or the entire curriculum can be purchased. Level 1 is for the beginner, whether you are 5 for 65 it is the perfect starting point. For the more advanced artist you can choose from one of the higher levels which will provide more challenging art projects.

Level IV projects include:

  • The Ukrainian Face with Hidden Surprises
  • The Chinese Horse: Drawing the Entire Horse
  • The Albatross and the Galleon Ship
  • The Hawaiian Heliconia
  • The Bangladesh Monster
  • Draw Like an Ancient Egyptian
  • The Convent in L'viv: Shading Angular Objects
  • The Stained Glass Nativity Window
  • The Rooftops of Zagreb
  • Drawing People with Degas
Lessons can be viewed by video or PowerPoint. Each lesson begins with a warm-up which breaks the work of art into segmented parts. Instead of going into the drawing lesson intimidated the student gets to draw small parts of the "bigger picture." I really liked this approach. It reminds me of the saying, "When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time." Next, you have the choice to either watch a video or click through a PowerPoint in order to complete the lesson. My kiddos preferred to use the PowerPoint because it allowed them to go at their own speed. With the video they were constantly stopping, rewinding, and pausing. Each lesson lists the National Standards for Arts Education. Each lesson provides the breakdown of the art skills taught. Not only will students learn how to draw but they will learn history, science, geography, as well as a myriad of interesting and very helpful art tools. Supply lists are given for each lesson. The student is guided by step by step instructions.

The Full Level IV Lessons 

By clicking the + sign you can print out the warm-up, choose the video
or PowerPoint version of the lesson as well as a few other choices. 

Even though the Level IV Lessons are above my 10 year olds level of ability she wanted to try some of them. I encouraged her to not be intimidated and go for it! I was impressed by how well she did. She loves drawing and ArtAchieve has given her the confidence to be an artist. 

ArtAchieve gives EVERY student the ability to successfully create art. No, your final product may not look exactly like the one in the lesson but it is important to remember that no work of original art will look the same. The curriculum works well for individuals who would say that they cannot even draw a stick figure to the individual who has artistic talent and wishes to improve technique. I really like that ArtAchieve not only teaches art but they provide the student with the background of the artwork that helps the student to have a great appreciation and understanding of the art. 

I appreciate that ArtAchieve provides both video and PowerPoint versions of the lessons. Every student learns differently and having the choices really does help. 

I would highly recommend this curriculum. I reviewed Level I last year and even after completing all of the lessons my kiddos have gone back and have done the lessons again and again. 

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