Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Diono ~ Rainier Convertible+Booster

The safety of my children is a #1 priority. Having six children from 19 down to 7 years old,  you can imagine the number of car seats that we have purchased throughout the years. Before our first child was even born we researched carseats to find the safest one for our child. Now nineteen years later, I, again, was on the search for the best carseat that I could find for our now 7 year old daughter. You may be wondering why I would be searching for a carseat for a 7 year old. My 7 year old is very small for her age due to chronic health issues. She weighs 38lbs and is 42 1/2".

My daughter was so very excited when her NEW DIONO RAINIER CARSEAT came. We were both super impressed  with how nice this carseat was. 

While researching I came across Diono. I was drawn to their line of carseats because of the amazing amount of safety built into their seats.

"The Diono Radian family of car seats are the only Convertible+Booster Car seats with a full steel frame making them one of the safest car seats available today. All Diono Radian car seats are designed with your child's security and safety as top priorities. Premium materials and thoughtful safety features like a steel alloy frame, aluminum reinforced side walls, energy absorbing EPS foam, and a five-point harness put your mind at ease as your little one stays safe and sound."

Diono, not only protects your child but manufacturer has done an amazing job at making its seats extremely comfortable. By utilizing memory foam, Diono offers the ultimate comfort ride. My 7 year old daughter said, "Wow, this is the most comfortable car seat ever!" She absolutely loves that she can rest her head up against the sides and nap in comfort. We are in the car ALOT due to our crazy schedule of activities, doctor's appointments, therapies, and errands, times SIX KIDDOS!! 

One of my main concerns with my daughter is that she has both a feeding tube and a central line in her chest which requires extra protection. I am always concerned about quick stops, accidents or anything that could possibly bring harm to her. I feel confident that I have found the perfect carseat in the Diono, Rainier ~ Convertible+Booster. This seat is:

  • Comfortable
  • Convertible
  • Colorful
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Easy to Install
  • Rear/Forward Facing
  • Sturdy Steal Frame
  • Folds Flat 
  • Extra Deep Sidewalls
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Space Saving
  • Wide Weight Limit 5 lbs to 12o lbs
  • Large Interior Seat for Growth
  • Memory Foam for Comfort
  • SuperLatch

I am extremely impressed with my daughter's new carseat. I would highly recommend Diono's line of carseats to parents. The safety and life of a child is priceless!! 

Thank you Diono for helping keep me safe.
~ Phoebe, age 7 ~

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