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I had the privileged opportunity to review two games, Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game and Tapple: Fast Word Fun For Everyone, by USAopoly. These games are SERIOUSLY FUN and ADDICTING! USAopoly takes fun and games seriously. Wonky and Tapple are just two of the many family fun games available through USAopoly.

First up was:

The Crazy Cubes Card Game

Wonky is a nerve-racking, high-strung game that challenges players steadiness. Players construct a wonky, wobbly tower using oddly shaped wooden blocks. Wonky blocks have three flat sides and three curved sides making building a tower quite challenging. They also come in three sizes to make constructing a tower more challenging. Using strategy cards, players try to flub-up their opponents as they build the crazy cube tower.  Players anxiously watch as their opponents strategically place their block hoping that they will topple the tower. The first player to get rid of all of their cards without bringing down the tower is the winner! Players are dealt 7 cards at the beginning of the game. 

Some of the card plays are:

Stack Any Color, Any Size Block
Stack Any Color Small Block
Stack The Large Green Block
Pass Turn To Next Player Without Stacking A Block
Reverse The Direction Of Play Without Stacking A Block

Our family had a blast playing Wonky. After playing dozens of times we FINALLY succeeding at building a tower using all of the blocks without toppling the tower over. When playing with my younger kiddos we loosely followed the rules. The game was great for their reading skills development, following directions, hand dexterity, patience, and learning how to be a "happy looser". When we played the game with the older children it became more of a game of strategy. With each play our goal was to do anything to either not have to place a block or make it next to impossible for the next player to succeed in placing a block without toppling the tower. 

Wonky is definitely a fun game if you are 5 or 65. Every game is a new adventure. Don't be discouraged if you end up building and rebuilding multiple towers during any given game. 

Next up was:

Fast Word Fun For Everyone

Tapple is a fast paced, great for the brain game! Once you start playing you cannot stop. Controlling your laughter is virtually impossible. The Tapple wheel has twenty letters of the alphabet but has excluded the letters: Q, U, V, X, Y, and Z. Those six letters are uncommon for the start of words so are not included. A player has TEN SECONDS to call out a word. When playing the game with my younger children we opted to not use the buzzer. The buzzer caused too much anxiety for my younger kiddos and they spent the ten seconds panicking rather than thinking. On the other hand, when we played the game with our older children we had a nerve-racking, obnoxiously loud, laughter crazed time!! I laughed when I read the Tapple tip about remaining calm because a calm mind is a mind that thinks better under pressure. Haha!! 

The cards are split up with the blue and white side geared towards younger children and the yellow and red side having more difficult categories. Some of the topics included:
things at a party
smelly & stinky stuff
baking and cooking terms
at a wedding


My kiddos couldn't wait for grandma to come over to show her how to play the game. After the first game, Grandma was hooked. She loved the game and even asked if she could borrow it to play with some of her friends. 

Tapple is a seriously addictive game. We have played the game more times than I can count. After going through all of the cards my kids began making up their own categories. This will definitely be a game that we will bring out at every family gathering!! 

Final Thoughts
If your are ready for some serious fun, look no further!! Our whole family had a blast playing these games!! I would highly recommend these games. Disclaimer: do not attempt to play these games unless you are ready to laugh and have fun. Both of these games are entertaining for both children and adults. These games are perfect for family game night, parties, youth get-togethers, or play dates.

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