Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Getting back to the basics of childhood.....

In a world inundated with electronic devices children are spending less and less time finding joy in the simple things. My 13 year old daughter is currently in the hospital and I am seeing firsthand the results of this generational deficit. My daughter is an AVID reader and averages over 100 novels a year. She loves puzzles and crafts too. Children today like instant gratification and are impatient when something takes too much time or is too difficult. While I greatly limit the time and content of my children's electronic usage I still see the effect. I witnessed this when Child Life brought in a friendship bracelet craft kit. The patterns were intricate and in my daughters words, "takes too long to figure out and produce the end result." This saddened me. I myself am a child of the 70's-80's have fond memories of things, such as friendship bracelets, gum chains, safety pin w/beads, etc..

Crafts and iPod

Fashion Plates

Mad Libs


We need to take the time to introduce and encourage our children to explore interests outside of their electronic devices. There is a whole world for them to explore and enjoy!!

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