Sunday, July 17, 2016

Instant Pot

What does a busy mother do when she wants to prepare fresh, homemade food but is short on time. Well, that is where the Instant Pot comes in. I still have memories of my own mother using a pressure cooker when I was a child. I vividly remember the noise that the pressure regulator made as it moved back and forth. I also remember my mother telling me to never touch the regulator.

The Instant Pot is not anything like my mother's pressure cooker but produces amazing food just like when I was a kid. 

The first meal that I made in my new Instant Pot was rosemary potatoes and steak stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, and onions. In under an hour we had the most amazing meal!!! The potatoes were perfectly cooked and the steak was so tender and moist that it just fell apart.

I have discovered that there are Instant Pot recipes on Pinterest. Let the Instant Pot cooking commence!!

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