Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Laurelwood Books ~ A Review

My 5th grade daughter is really enjoying practicing her cursive with the Primary Level, Scripture Scribes ~ His Name is Wonderful, Volume III by Laurelwood Books. This is just one of four books currently a part of the Scripture Scribe Series. The series has workbooks for Primary, Intermediate, and Upper School Levels.

Over my many years of homeschooling I have found that there is a very wide range of thought about when cursive should be introduced. Some choose to introduce cursive as early as Kindergarten, while others choose to wait until their child is in further along in the Elementary years. 

I wait to introduce cursive until around 4th grade when my kiddos have thoroughly mastered neat, manuscript writing using regular notebook paper. 

Scripture Scribes ~ His Name is Wonderful, is a charming scripture based workbook that focuses on the many names of Jesus. The student through tracing and copying not only works on their cursive writing skills but they learn the many names of Jesus and the verses that contain each name. There are 30 weeks of lessons broken down into a four day a week plan. This particular workbook is aimed at students in grades 1-3, but can be used for any age or grade level that works for your child. 

In each lesson your student will copy the Name of Jesus, using dotted lines, as a guide. Below each tracing line is a line for your child to copy what they just traced. At the top of each page in a framed box is the full or abbreviated scripture written in cursive. I truly cannot think of a better way to work on cursive writing then to be learning scripture! 

Some of the Names of Jesus that your child will learn as they practice their cursive are:
  • The Son of God
  • The True God
  • My Shepherd
  • My Teacher
  • My Lord and Master
  • My Helper
  • My Hope
  • My Rock and My Fortress
  • The Light of the World
  • The Lamb of God
  • The Alpha and the Omega
My daughter absolutely loved working in this workbook. The lessons are one page in length. It was the perfect amount of practice in order to really work on perfecting ones cursive before getting hand fatigue. Each verse, or verse part is the perfect way for your child to meditate on throughout the day. 

My daughter said, “Writing in cursive is kind of hard but I actually like cursive more than manuscript. I have learned Names of God. My cursive writing is getting better every day.”

In addition to cursive practice your student will learn about Bible History, Translating the Scriptures, Copying the Scriptures, and The Development of the Scriptures. 

Writing like a scribe of old.

I will most definitely continue to use the other workbooks in the Scripture Scribe series. The current books include:
Laurelwood Books is currently working on many more, soon to be released, workbooks to add to the series including:

Primary (K-3)
  • From Scribbler to Scribe ~ Volume I
Intermediate (4-6)
  • Savoring Psalms ~ Volume II
  • Practicing Proverbs ~ Volume III
  • Words of Praise from Olden Days ~ Volume IV
Upper Grades (7-12)
  • Savoring Psalms ~ Volume II
  • Practicing Proverbs ~ Volume III
  • Jesus Said ~ Volume IV

I would highly recommend this curriculum to other homeschoolers looking for cursive practice for their children. 

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