Saturday, July 16, 2016

With Tragedy Comes Understanding

My 20 year old daughter teaches dance to children. Today one of her students started up a very profound conversation while she was taking roll.....

Today as I was taking roll, one my 5 year old girls out of the blue told me this story, and she touched my heart. She starts off by saying, "Last week there was a shooting in downtown Dallas, and Mr. Mike was there, and he got shot. They sent in a robot and got the shooter. I don't know if he died or what, but they got him."
I asked her, "Oh, is Mr. Mike ok?"
She replies, "Yeah, the good thing is, he's in heaven now."

No 5 year old should have to be entering into such a conversation but unfortunately with recent tragedy even the young and innocent are touched. Instead of being crushed and broken this child sees that even amidst tragedy there is hope. This young girl's parents have helped her to see the good through the hate. None of the officer's who lost their lives will be forgotten. 

Officer Michael Smith 

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