Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Multiplication & Division Songs ~ A Review

Multiplication & Division Songs
Kathy Troxel
Audio Memory

Multiplication & Division Songs is a math facts DVD to help students learn their multiplication and division facts. Using simple sing-along tunes student will learn their 2-12 multiplication facts as well as all division facts from 2÷2=1 to 144÷12=12. The DVD is 103 minutes in length, which includes bonus material and demos. The cost of the DVD is $20.00.

This DVD is for the student learning their multiplication and division facts. Most students begin basic multiplication around 3rd grade. With that said students in grade levels below or above could utilize this learning tool. Learning math facts is often times challenging and frustrating for students. This DVD 
theoretically employs the theory that, “You never forget what you sing!” The songs offer repetition as well as built in self-testing. The DVD would be appropriate for a classroom setting as well as home instruction.

I had my 3rd grade daughter watch this DVD to help her learn her multiplication and division facts. The method used was not a good fit for my daughter. The DVD did not keep her engaged. She actually found it to be visually and auditorily overwhelming. She tried to listen to it several times and it just was not working. I did not really like the approach either. With that said, what does not work for one student may be the prefect fit for another student. Over my many years of teaching, I have found this to be true, even amongst my own children.

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