Thursday, November 17, 2016

Physics 101 ~ A Review

Physics 101 DVD Course is part of The 101 Series. The main objective of The 101 Series is to provide students with easy to use and understand science curriculum. Currently there are three programs of study: Biology 101, Chemistry 101, Physics 101, and soon to be added General Science 101. In Physics 101 your student will explore the Mechanics of God's Physical World and the principles and laws that drive the natural world. This course is intended for ages 15 and above. 

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding. Who determined its measurements? Surely you know! Or who stretched the line upon it? To what were its foundations fastened? Or who laid its cornerstone, when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?” 

—Job 38:4-7

Physics 101:
Disk A
1. Introduction to Physics (30 min)
2. Light and Colour (40 min)
3. Mirrors and Lenses (35 min)
4. Invisibility and Speed of Light (35 min)
Disk B
5. Introduction to Sound (43 min)
6. Acoustics: the sound of Music (35 min)
7. What is fire? (30 min)
8. The Three Laws of Thermodynamics (35 min)
9. Refrigeration: Hot and Cold (40 min)
Disk C
10. What is Electricity? (30 min)
11. Outlets and Circuits (40 min)
12. Batteries and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (40 min)
13. The Life of Sir Isaac Newton (30 min)
14. The Universal law of Gravity (30 min)
15. The 1st law of Motion (35 min)
16. The 2nd and 3rd Laws of Motion (25 min)
Disk D
17. The Life of Albert Einstein (35 min)
18. Relativity (30 min)
19. Quantum Mechanics (30 min)
20. The Future of Physics

Upper level science is a bit intimidating to teach. Once my children hit middle school I find it easier to send them to co-op for science. While this works for most students not all students are up for the riggers of upper level science. My 11th grader has completed all upper level science except for Physics. She begged me not to make her take it. When I was given the opportunity to review Physics 101 I jumped at the opportunity. My daughter was cautiously optimistic that she would be able to compete this curriculum. After beginning this course she has surprisingly gained the confidence to say "yes" to Physics. She actually is enjoying working through the lessons. And most importantly, she is understanding it! I myself never took Physics in high school or college as I was too intimidated. I have thoroughly enjoyed what I have watched so far and have decided to complete the course in its entirely myself.

Wes Olsen does an amazing job at making Physics "not intimidating." He explains difficult concepts and terms in a way that students can grasp and understand. By using graphics, concepts are further visually clarified. The graphics are amazing. The lessons are intriguing, keep your attention, and can truly be understood by students!

On the fourth DVD a 98 page PDF Companion Guide to Physics 101 can be accessed for printing. Below is an example of the material that is found in the guide. The guidebook enables the student to easily review all of the material covered in the lessons. Each segment in the guidebook includes a multiple choice quiz and discussion questions.

The fourth disk also contains a printable PDF entitled, Physics 101 Course Accreditation Program. By implementing the components found in this guide students will be able to earn 1.0 credit of science towards high school graduation. I have included a couple of pages from the guide below.

I would highly recommend this DVD course to others. I will most definitely be utilizing The 101 Series in the future. Westfield Studios has done an amazing job with this DVD based curriculum. The program is extremely user friendly. From the lessons to the guides you can be assured that your student will be set for success! I would be hard pressed to find anything negative to say about this program. Wes Olsen is passionate about science and it shows throughout. Wes will guide your student through the science of physics, while all along the way, untangling and decoding the most complex of Physics terms and ideas into easy to understand terms. After completing the course your student will have a thorough understanding of the world of Physics. 

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