Monday, November 2, 2015

Brinkman Adventures

I recently had the opportunity to review The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 from Brinkman Adventures. The Brinkman Adventures is an audio drama series that is based on the wild and crazy adventures of a large family and powerful stories of real missionaries. This CD pack has 12 action packed episodes, on 4 CD's, with a running time of over 5 hours. Each episode is approximately 25 minutes in length. 

This was our family's first experience with The Brinkman Adventures and it did not disappoint. We have purchased many CD based adventure series in the past, so were excited to listen to this one. Audio CD's are great for road trips, daily commutes, before bed, quiet time, or anytime. Because this series is comprised of episodes and not an ongoing storyline it was very easy for us to start with Season 3. These action packed adventures will definitely keep you coming back again and again. The stories are great for all ages. In each episode the listener is taken all over the world to experience the real life adventures of missionaries. Not only do the stories entertain but they spark some pretty lively conversations and encourage the listener to spread the Gospel. 

What is unique about this series is that you can go to The Brinkman Adventures website and read "the stories behind the stories" and see amazing, real-life pictures that correspond to each episode. This added aspect of the audio drama's really give the listener an enriching experience that is like no other series I know of. 

After listening to a few of the episodes I decided that it would be great to tie each episode into a history lesson. After listening to an episode I found enrichment activities, geography lessons, and cultural/historical information that went along with what we had listened to. 

The following is a partial summary of the first episode in Season 3:

God's Mule

Tomas is disowned by his father when he decides to leave an affluent life and international business to follow God's calling in his life. Tomas's desire to become a missionary leads him to Tibet where he meets Don, a life long missionary. Don had been "fishing for a Christian" to help him in his calling. After spending 3 years in Tibet, Tomas tells Don that he wants to do the impossible. Tomas wants to take Bibles into "Bishmar". As the story continues the listener is taken on a wild ride of suspense, answered prayer, discouragement, and promise. 
Disclaimer: Facts in the story are changed in order to protect the identity of the real life missionaries, and parts of the stories are fictional to add greater understanding and excitement to each audio adventure episode. 

To read more about this episode of God's Mule, Brinkman Adventures has pages dedicated to each episode on their website. 

Who Listened to the Audio Episodes

I, along with my 2nd, 4th, and 7th grader listened to these CD's. My children love audio CD's because it lets them create, in their own minds, what they think the characters and places look like. They enjoyed coloring and drawing as they listened to these adventures. 

What My Children Thought

My 13 year old said:
"These audio adventures are educational and inspiring. I like how the stories teach about other cultures. One of my favorite episodes was, Untouched, which was about the Waodoni people. Corey thought it was best to leave people like the Waodoni people alone and not bother them. Throughout the episode the Waodoni told how Jesus has changed them and made them happier. I loved listening to all of the amazing adventures." 

My 9 year old said:
"These stories were really fun to listen to. I learned a lot about other people in other parts of the world. The missionaries had some scary experiences but God always saw them through. I like all of the stories."

My 7 year old said:

"I liked the stories. Sometimes I was scared for the people. God is good."

Final Thoughts

Our family really enjoyed The Brinkman Adventures. I would highly recommend these audio CD's to fellow friends, family, or anyone who loves audio adventures. I will definitely be purchasing Season's 1 & 2

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