Wednesday, August 17, 2016

FlipStir Puzzles ~ A Review

FlipStir Puzzles bring a new and unique take on traditional puzzles. Our family recently had the opportunity to solve the level 1 ~ Rainbow Pencils by Enlivenze LLC. FlipStir puzzles are for ages 7 and up. You simply shake, stir, and solve. 

FlipStir puzzles are self contained, 3D puzzles. How do you solve these puzzles? You have to shake, flip, stir, arrange, and re-arrange the pieces within the contained circular tube. 

I have a couple of kiddos that are puzzle fanatics. There were mixed reviews.

My thoughts, "I personally got frustrated with the puzzle. I never was able to get the puzzle together. I would prefer the traditional puzzle to the FlipStir. I picked it up several time over several weeks and just could not get into it."

My 16 year old said, "It only took me a couple of minutes to get this puzzle put together. IMO, it was very easy. I like the concept. For the price, I would not consider purchasing them though. I like putting puzzles together when watching tv. You can definitely work these puzzles without breaking your back."

My 10 year old said, "I tried the puzzle. It was just okay. It would be good for in the car or at a doctor's appointment."

My 8 year old said, "This puzzle was frustrating to me. I tried it and could not get it together. I think that I will stick with regular puzzles."

My 13 year old said, "I love puzzles!!! My favorite puzzles are the 1000+ piece puzzles. This puzzle was not my favorite way to put a puzzle together. Kind of like books. I prefer to read a "real" book over one on a digital device. There is nothing like the feel, smell, and sound that a physical book has. Puzzles are kind of the same. I like to touch the pieces. I do not like to have to fight with a stick and a tube to put pieces of a puzzle together." 

On the go fun!

car rides
doctor's appointments
waiting on siblings at extracurricular activities
or anywhere you need something to keep your entertained. 

Overall, I think that FlipStir puzzles would be great for on the go since they are portable and lightweight. The concept is unique and definitely requires skill, thought, and patience. I might consider purchasing another FlipStir puzzle if they were not so expensive. The price, at $24.99, is too much. 

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