Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Talking Fingers, Inc. ~ A Review

Talking Fingers, Inc. is an inspiring and fun phonics-to-fluency software program for eager little learners. Talking Shapes: An Supplemental Curriculum for Early Literacy app is just one of the programs within the Talking Fingers, Inc. site that make learning fun for students. If you are searching for ways to enrich and encourage the young child in your life check this out. The fundamental building block of learning to read and write couldn't be any more fun. 

There are seven storybook levels within the Talking Shapes program. 

Like most skills learned in the beginning of a child's educational journey, repetition is an important tool. While reading aloud to a young child is one of the greatest gifts you can give them, technology has opened up a whole new way for children to learn. Talking Shapes is an amazing supplemental software to aid in your child's educational journey. Talking Shapes combines four principles to aid in learning:
  • Listening
  • Drawing
  • Playing Games
  • Reading 

As your child listens to stories being told they are introduced to phonemes and the letter that they represent. The name of the program "Talking Shapes" is just what it is, letters in a picture that works by helping children retain both the sound and shape that each letter makes. When it comes time to drawing, your child is able to use their finger to trace the letter on the screen as well as use the mouse on the keyboard to guide in making the shape of each letter. You child will learn how combining sounds create new sounds (blends), and words. Whenever a child hears the word "game" they are always eager to play. Well Talking Shapes uses games in order to reinforce skills being learned. Children learn to read as they watch words of a story appear one at a time. They then see the whole story appear with blanks throughout in which they have to choose the correct word from red floating balloons to fill in the blanks. Each step gives your child the much needed repetition and practice they need in order to succeed. 

My 8 year old worked through some of Talking Fingers, Inc. and said, "I think that this is a great program for helping little kids learn their letters and to learn to read. It is more fun than a workbook. Why didn't you let me use this when I was learning all of this." We often have younger kiddos at our house and so I experimented with the program to see what they thought of it. It was a hit. Throughout the years of educating my six children I used many tools to help each of them learn to read. Each child is unique with regards to what works for them. In the early years of education I have found that more is often better. Why do I say that? Because repetition, as my husband would say is, "The mother of all learning." Exposing young children to a variety of learning tools keeps them engaged and motivated. With that said, I would recommend this software program to parents and educators. 

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