Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Quest For Magical Elemons! ~ Gigamons

GIGAMONS is an incredibly fun new game from Blue Orange Games. Get ready to enter into the magical and mysterious world of Gigamons. Elemons possess unique magical powers. Players rival their opponents by invoking the Elemons special powers which give players great advantages throughout the game. Capture three Gigamons and you are declared the winner!! After reading about the game my 10 year old daughter was begging me to play the game. The Quest For Magical Elemons! Gigamons is a game for 2-4 players and for ages 6 and up. 

To play the game you lay out 9 Elemon tiles in rows of 3. The rest of the tiles are stacked up to use as a draw pile. Each player takes a turn, turning over two tiles. The the Elemons match you get to keep them. Depending on the Elemon match, you can trigger the Elemons power. When a player obtains 3 identical Elemons they get to trade it in for the corresponding Gigamon. The player to obtain 3 Gigamons first is the winner!!!!

Meet the Gigamons
Anemomon, Supermon, Heliomon, Halomon, Meteoromon, Biomon, Terramon

 Each Elemon has a power. Powers are triggered when two of the 
same Elemon are matched on any given turn. For example:

Hydromon ~ Take a sneak peek at four of the tiles in the 3x3 grid while 
everyone else has to close their eyes!

There are 42 Elemon tiles (6 of each kind). 
When a player acquires any 3 identical Elemon cards they get to
trade those 3 cards in for a Gigaton. 

For example:

Playing the game!!!

My 10 year old said, "I love, love this game!! It is so much fun. I could play it all day. The creatures are so cute."

My 8 year old said, "I won the very first game that we played!! I won with Supermon, Halomon, and Anemomon. They are all so cute. I like the special powers that they all have. I was sad that we only got to play the game twice before having to put it away to do schoolwork." 

We own about a dozen or so games from Blue Orange. My 10 year old said that Gigamons is by far her FAVORITE Blue Orange Game yet! This is most definitely a must have game to add to your game collection. This would be a great game to give as a gift too. is hard to just play once. 

I received this game for my honest review. 

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