Wednesday, August 24, 2016

TENZI ~ A Timberdoodle Review

Timberdoodle's 2016 2nd Grade Curriculum Kit is not an "all work and no play" kit. Two of the featured products in the kit are the TENZI Game, and the TENZI Card Deck. Together these two products will add a new level of fun to your child's school year. 

TENZI is a hysterically, fun game that will leave you laughing, screaming, on the edge of your seat, and doing LOTS of crazy stuff. Who would have guessed that dice and a deck of cards could be so much fun. Here is how the game is played. Each player gets a set of 10 dice that is different in color from the other players. On player says the word 'go' and everyone races to roll their dice as fast as they can until someone rolls all of their dice on one number.  Now for the fun twist!! This is where the deck of cards comes in. There are 77 different ways to play TENZI. Each card features a new and exciting way to play. 

Some of the cards contain patterns like pictured below. These games are Pattern Games. The object of the game is to successfully replicate the pattern on the card. Once that is accomplished there will be one die left. With the last die the player rolls until they roll a 6. When both the pattern and a 6 have been rolled the player yells "TENZI" for the win. 

All of the other cards have hilarious ways to invoke WAY TOO MUCH FUN! For example:

Line up all ten dice. Someone says go and everyone
quickly rolls one die at a time. The first player to roll 
ten of the same number wins!

Call out the name of a cartoon character after each roll.
(Can you repeat a name? We'll leave that up to you.)

Clap after each and every roll.

These are just a few of the fun ways to play TENZI. You can choose to keep score or slow the game down and take turns and just hope you have good luck with your rolls. 

Here are two videos of my crew playing TENZI. 

Having to make animal sounds after each roll of the dice.

No thumbs allowed.

This game is seriously fun!!! It is a great game for kids and adults. This would be a great game for youth events, parties, playdates, or anytime! Make sure to check out this fun game and all of the other amazing items in the Timberdoodle 2nd Grade Kit

Interesting TENZI fact. Just in case you are wondering, "the odds of getting all then dice to land on one number in one roll are 1 and 10,077,696!" May the odds be in your favor. 

Shh, don't tell the kids but TENZI is not only fun but very educational too! 

Your kiddos will learn about patterns, counting, odd/even numbers, 
and so much more. 

Disclaimer: I received this game in exchange for my honest opinions. 

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