Sunday, August 9, 2015


"In every job that must be done,
there is an element of fun!"
~ Mary Poppins ~

The beginning of another school year means organizing school supplies. New crayons, because the old ones just are not as fun!! Going through all of the markers and throwing away what isn't good anymore and adding some fun new ones to the mix. Sharpening the wide assortment of colored pencils realizing just how many new colored pencils we do not need, LOL. To make correcting schoolwork a bit more fun, gel pens, every color of the rainbow. New rulers because even the most indestructible rulers somehow end up breaking. I blame this on the child not the rulers. We collected all of the stray scissors from around the house. New glue, stick and bottle, because what would childhood be without putting bottled glue on your skin, letting it dry and then peeling it off. You know you did it!!! Oh, and you cannot forget STICKERS!!! What kid, even when you are a bit too old for them, doesn't love the feeling of a sticker being placed on a worksheet or paper. Slowly but surely we are dragging our feet with the realization that SUMMER is coming to an end way too soon. 


Here's to another amazing
school year!!!!!

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