Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blue Orange ~ Super Genius Addition

Blue Orange Games are fun yet educational games for children and the whole family. This summer my daughter and I played with Super Genius Addition. Summer is a time for fun but it is also a time to loose some of those very important math skills. Super Genius Addition makes learning and reviewing math facts fun. Instead of the boring flashcard method of learning and retaining math facts, Blue Orange has turned learning math facts into a game!!!

There is more than one way to play this game giving players variety and choices. My daughter and I played the matching game most of the time. In order to play the matching game you divide the cards into two piles, one pile consisting of number cards and the other consisting of the equation cards. One player gets one pile and the second player get the other pile of cards. Each player flips over one card and the first person to solve the addition problem gets to keep both cards. The player at the end of the game that has the most cards is the winner. What is great about the cards is that there is always a match between any two cards.

My daughter in deep thought as she races to find a match
before I do. I pretended to take a LONG TIME in order for 
her to figure out matches before I did.

Super Genius Addition helps young learners with

Visual Perception 
Focus & Attention
Speech & Language
Processing Speed
Problem Solving

They are multiple ways to play with these addition cards. Directions are included within the deck. 

I would highly recommend this game to parents, educators and homeschoolers. Learning doesn't have to be boring. Blue Orange comes alongside to make learning a game. 

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