Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Alpha Omega ~ 2nd Grade Spelling and Vocabulary

I recently had the privilege of reviewing Alpha Omega PublicationsHorizons 2nd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary Set. The set includes a consumable Student Workbook, Teacher's Manual, and a Spelling and Vocabulary Dictionary.

Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary 2nd Grade is a vibrant, colorful, phonics based consumable workbook. Horizons implements Christian principles into their curriculum. There are 160 lessons for the student to complete. My first impression was that it was appealing to the eye, not overwhelming or too busy, and utilized repetition in order to help the student achieve mastery over both spelling and vocabulary. The pages of the workbook are perforated for easy removal for those that want to tear pages out as you work through the lessons.

How We Used It
My 7 year old daughter who is entering the 2nd grade used the curriculum. Right away she loved what she saw. She was very excited about getting started. Each weekly lesson is broken down in very manageable sections. I really liked that the curriculum utilized elementary, lined paper for the student to write in their answers. This was perfect for reinforcing proper handwriting. My daughter really liked the fact that she got to add words to the Student Dictionary each week. The engaging activities provided excellent repetition for the weekly words. By the end of the week both my daughter and I were surprised at how many words she had learned how to spell without have to study and memorize word spellings. Unlike other spelling/vocabulary curriculums, Horizons does not use the same monotonous activities week after week. I REALLY LIKED THIS!!!

Some of the activities that are used to help the student learn the words are:
  • word patterns
  • writing sentences
  • finding the words in a paragraph
  • matching
  • words and their pictures
  • writing a story
  • missing letters
  • replace the underlined word
  • word puzzles
  • Bible verses
  • unscramble words
  • solve riddles
  • combining prefixes and suffixes
  • ABC order
  • find the spelling word for the definition given
  • rhyming 
We are now weeks into the curriculum and my daughter still eagerly works through her daily activities. This week without even studying the words, except for working through the lesson activities themselves, my daughter made a 100% on her SPELLING TEST!!!!! She was so very proud of herself. I have decided to put our regular spelling curriculum aside for this school year and continue to use Horizons for our 2015-2016 school year. My daughter loves the activities and has gained confidence in her ability to spell new words. I would call that a SUCCESS!!!

Horizons provides a Scope and Sequence so that you can decide exactly what is right for your child.

Overall Thoughts
We really like Horizons Spelling. I would highly recommend this curriculum to other educators and homeschoolers. We will definitely be using Horizons again.

A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the other one.” 
Baltasar Graci├ín ~
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