Thursday, August 13, 2015

Blue Orange Games ~ Multiplication

Let's be honest, second to learning how to read, memorizing multiplication facts is a challenging task to say the least. Parents and teachers utilize just about every means in order to conquer the task. I currently have a child in the throws of trying to learn the "dreaded" multiplication facts. We have utilized Pinterest, online games, flashcards, and just about every trick in the book to commit the multiplication facts to memory. This summer we were introduced to, Super Genius Multiplication 1, 2x to 5x by Blue Orange Games

Super Genius Multiplication is a brilliant new game that helps make learning multiplication facts fun!! There is more than one way to play this game giving players variety and choices. My daughter and I played the matching game most of the time. In order to play the matching game you divide the cards into two piles, one pile consisting of number cards and the other consisting of the equation cards. One player gets one pile and the second player get the other pile of cards. Each player flips over one card and the first person to solve the multiplication problem gets to keep both cards. The player at the end of the game that has the most cards is the winner. What is great about the cards is that there is always a match between any two cards. There are several other game options:

This game helps students build:

  • visual perception 
  • focus & attention
  • speech & language
  • processing speed
  • problem solving
My daughter did not LOVE this game but she definitely said that it was my more fun than using flash cards to learn her multiplication. She said, "I guess if I have to learn them, then this is at least funner than anything else." Instead of making it a competitive game we opted to played a more laid back version in order to get this persnickety multiplication facts learned. 

Included in the deck are multiplication help cards that came in very handy!! 

Overall, I would say that this game is a fun and enjoyable way to learn multiplication. I would highly recommend this game to parents, educators and homeschoolers. Check out all of the other fun Blue Orange Games available. 

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