Monday, August 17, 2015

Click-A-Brick ~ Animal Kingdom

Do your kiddos love Legos? Take building up a notch with Click-A-Brick. Click-A-Brick is a fun new building brick. While other building sets have only one way to attach two pieces together, the possibilities with Click-A-Brick are endless. Whether you are creating something using the directions given or using your imagination, you are sure to become hooked. The building bricks are easy to put together and take apart. Have you ever busted your knuckle trying to get two Legos apart. These bricks never require a tool or teeth to get apart. Yeah, you know you and your child have used your teeth to get Legos apart before. The bricks are both colorful and well made. 

With the Animal Kingdom set you can build a:

  • lion
  • giraffe
  • wolf
  • monkey
  • camel

When building with Click-A-Bricks you definitely have to think as you build. For children this is valuable for developing attention to detail. With other building sets you are simply putting one brick on top of another. These bricks must be positioned according to the set holes on each of the four sides. With 30 bricks it is quite impressive what can be created. The bricks are perfect for inquisitive, growing minds!!! 

I would definitely recommend Click-A-Bricks to my friends!! If you are looking for a fun, creative, and somewhat challenging building set for your child look no further. Teachers looking for center or quiet time activities, these sets are perfect. The sets are small and do not require much space. Adults will find building with these sets both fun and entertaining. WARNING: Click-A-Bricks are addictive and you may have to end up buying them all!!!!

This is my 9 year old's second Click-A-Brick set. The first set was Feather Friends which she loved!! When the Animal Kingdom set came in the mail she was jumping up and down. She could not wait to start building. She already has her eyes on the many other fun sets available. I asked my daughter why she likes Click-A-Brick so much she said, "My two most favorite things are building stuff and playing with animals. These building sets let me do both of those things at the same time." Then, like most kiddos, she said, "Mom I have to have all of the sets." I guess you could say that my daughter is hooked on Click-A-Brick. 

My one suggestion would be that Click-A-Brick add instructions for making all of the animals shown for each set. 

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