Friday, August 14, 2015

Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten

On a recent visit to our local library, my daughter added, Princess Penelope and the Runaway Kitten, to her stack of books to check out. We both fell in love with this cute story of Penelope and her kitten. We read this book over and over and over. 

One long, lazy day everyone was too busy to play. Penelope decided to make friends with a very mischievous kitten and thus begins the adventure of Penelope and the Runaway Kitten. My daughter giggled throughout the whole book as the kitten, with a swish of his tail, takes off with the end of a pink woolly ball of yarn wrapped around its body. Causing mischief and chaos along the way, Princess Penelope runs after the kitten. 

Do you wonder where Princess Penelope finally found the kitten. Well, you will have to read the story to find out. 

The pictures are whimsical and children can trace with their finger on the raised, glittery, pink yarn on each page as the book is being read. To check out other fun books, apps, read aloud stories and much more, go to Nosy Crow

Nosy Crow is a small, independent company that focuses on publishing child-focused, parent friendly children's books. To see a list of their books click here.

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