Saturday, August 22, 2015

Medical City Children's Hospital ~ Teddy Bear Clinic

Every year our favorite hospital, Medical City Children's Hospital, hosts a Teddy Bear Clinic. This morning my daughters were so excited to go back to visit the annual Teddy Bear Clinic!! Jeremy the Bear, Boulder the Bulldog, and Bat Bear the Bear were ready to get medical attention.

Upon arrival at the Clinic, my kiddos stuffed friends were checked in and given a health report card, arm band, and bag to place all of the goodies that they would collect at each medical station.

The children move through the various stations that are set up, such as:
  • General Clinic
  • Day Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Lab
  • Respiratory 
  • Nutrition
  • Therapy
At each station your stuffed friend 
is caed for by real health care professionals. 
At the completion of each station your stuffed friend gets his/her medical chart stamped. 

 Visiting the Surgery Station to learn all about what
happens before and during surgery. 

Visiting the General Clinic Station where the stuffed friends
are weighed, measured, got their blood pressure taken. An
RN listens to their heart, and the stuffed friend is given medicine. 

More pictures of the General Clinic.

At the Respiratory Station the stuffed friends got 
a breathing treatment.

At Day Surgery their friends got caps, masks and sleepy 
medicine for surgery. 

At the Lab Station their stuffed friends got blood drawn with
real needles and then got to pick out a prize along with stickers.

At the Radiology Station their friends got x-rays.

This is all of the fun stuff that was collected at each station.

 I cannot forget one of my daughter's added special touch.
My daughter has a central line and g-j tube. 
Her bear already had a g-j tube that was placed several years ago.
She really wanted her bear to have a central line just like hers. When we got 
to the Teddy Bear Clinic I asked one of the Child Life Specialists
 if they could possibly add a central line to Phoebe's stuffed bear.
They went in search of a line for my daughter's bear and after we had visited
all of the stations, teddy got his new central line. 

Thank you Medical City Children's!!!

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