Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Birthday's with Food Allergies and FPIES

When your kiddos have extremely limited diets or "no food" diets, birthdays tend to pose one major issue, THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!! In order to make my kiddos special day about them, I decided to start making "none food" birthday cakes. Instead of their birthday celebration centering around the one thing that they could not have, FOOD, I make their celebration FOOD FREE. Here are some of the special cakes that I have created for my kiddos. Just an FYI, non food cakes can get pretty expensive but are so worth the smile on your kiddos face when they have their own special cake.

Not totally "no foods" but this is a cotton candy cake. 

Decorative tins decorated with scrapbooking stuff. 

Decorative tins using scrapbooking stuff. 

Again, not "no foods" but this is simply safe ice cream and chocolate. 

Decorative tins and cut-outs. 

Boxes and scrapbooking stuff. 

Homemade play-dough cake. 

Boxes and decorations. 

Decorated craft paint tin. 

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  1. What great ideas! How festive and fun, and how special for your children. I too, have a child with a severe food allergy - peanuts - and I LOVE your ideas. Thanks for inspiring me!