Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fingerprint Drawing

Fingerprint Drawing
Art Fun at your fingertips!

Who doesn't like art?! When my kiddos saw this book they were so excited to get their hands dirty and create their own fingerprint pictures. This book gives your child step-by-step instructions on how to create everything from patterns, single fingertip creations, to whole page fingerprint portraits.  
Included in the book you will find:
  • materials needed
  • finger techniques
  • printing
  • drawing and filling in
  • make up your story
  • loads of ideas
Your child will learn how to use the tip of their finger, two fingers, flattened fingertip, combining fingertip and flattened fingertip together, and using fingers to create waves and spirals. You child will have endless fun creating just about anything they can imagine. You do not have to be an artistic person to create fingerprint drawings. 

We used washable, watercolor paints so I didn't have to worry about stubborn clean-up issues. By adding one drop of water into a color gives the perfect print. Do not saturate the paint or you will end up with a watery mess. To finish the creations we used thin Sharpie Markers and gel pens. 

I will have to confess, I had just as much fun creating these fingerprint pictures as my children. While working on our creations some friends came over. Of course, they wanted to make some too. The youngest fingerprint artist was only 2 years old. He absolutely loved dipping his finger in the paint and making a collage of fingerprint colors.
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I received a copy of this workbook for my honest review. 

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