Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wonderful Words

Wonderful Words

Wonderful Words is a great workbook that combines phonics, grammar, reading, and vocabulary to give your 2nd grader a great learning tool in one workbook. This is a perfect supplement to go along with your current curriculum. This workbook is geared for the 2nd grader, ages 7-8. 

In this workbook you child child will cover:

  • spelling patterns: endings
  • prefixes and suffixes
  • vocabulary 
  • sty-pen-dous syllables
  • vowels and diphthongs

  • I found this workbook to be a great compliment to go along with our current curriculum. The workbook highlights major skills that aid in helping the younger student succeed. This workbook was helpful in pinpointing areas and gaps in my student's current curriculum that needed a bit more attention. My 2nd grader was challenged. She liked and even asked to do pages in the workbook. This workbook would be great for use in the summer to review concepts learned throughout the previous school year.

    The publisher has crafted the workbook to be fun for the student. There is adequate explanation and practice given without being overwhelming. I would highly recommend this workbook. 

    To find more great products you can go to or

    I received a copy of this workbook for my honest review. 

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