Sunday, January 17, 2016

Homeschool Perks!!

If we did not homeschool, we would not be able to.......

Have a spontaneous puzzle day!!

Run to the store for munchies to break up the school day!

Starbucks date with mommy after a doctor's appointment
since we are not in a rush to get home. 

Lunch dates with my silly girls. 

Snuggle up with an iPad because someone are having an off day.
We all have off days and when you homeschool you can take a 
day off for that. 

Going to grandma's just because. 

Late night sporting events because we can sleep in the next day. 


  1. And these are just a few of the perks! Love this!

  2. Oh, I love the perks of homeschooling! My favorite is the sun days versus the snow days! It is so much more fun to take time off when you can be outside instead of being stuck indoors!

  3. I agree with Kym! These are just a few of the wonderful perks of homeschooling. Everybody does have off days and sometimes you just need a day. Great post!!

  4. These perks become more difficult to swing when students struggle with high school subjects.

    Academic perks: when you score poorly on a test or quiz, you park on the topic until you understand it. You don't cover as much material, but what you cover you understand better than you would have.

    Also, my older students often do their best work at the dead of night, so perk #2: if you stay up til 3:00 reading your literature assignment, you are allowed to sleep late and do your schoolwork on your own schedule. This breaks down for subjects that need mom more, like Algebra II and Chemistry, but are great for Bible, Spanish, Literature, composition and History.

    1. I agree, as they get older the perks tend to change a bit. I have several in high school and one in college. Biggest perk IMO is letting the teenager sleep in, in the morning.