Monday, January 18, 2016

My Tide Story

My story with Tide® has nothing to do with how Tide® saved my grandmother's quilt or how it took out a stain from my favorite shirt. Rather, my story has to do with my 7 year old daughter who has Sensory Integration Disorder. Before I tell you about my Tide® MOMENT let me share a bit of my Tide® background.

About 3 years ago I scored a major deal on Tide®. You see, I am always on the lookout for deals. With a family of eight, saving money is a NECESSITY!! When a SUPER deal comes my way, I take full advantage of my find. I scored the large 170oz liquid Tide® that normally retails for around $22.00 for an astonishing $7.80 each!! You read that right. I went to multiple locations and ended up with about 30 Tides®. My husband rolled his eyes but I did not care. Anyways, a couple of months ago I finally ran out of my Tide® stash. I was quite sad. Tide® is more expensive than leading detergent competitors.

This is where my Tide® story really begins. I purchased another detergent and my 7 year old daughter began having major meltdowns. When I asked her what was wrong through tears she said, "Mama, my clothes stink. I cannot put these on." I was really confused. I thought the "new" detergent smelled quite lovely. My daughter had an appointment with her Occupational Therapist and we REALLY needed to get ready and out the door. Totally distraught and in tears she begged me to find some clothes that smelled good. I went to her room and began smelling her clothes until I found an outfit that smelled like Tide®. When we got to her Occupational Therapy appointment I told her OT that something really confusing had happened earlier that morning and I really needed her input. Anyways, I began recounting our earlier experience and her OT immediately said something along the lines of, "Oh my goodness, has no one ever told you that there are two things that you NEVER change when you have a child with Sensory issues. You never change their toothpaste and secondly, you never change their laundry detergent." Immediately, I felt like the worst mommy in the world!!! I  had caused my daughter's emotional meltdown. Her OT went on to tell me that,  "No she would not 'just get used to' a new detergent and second, I would have to rewash all of my daughter's laundry, and I would need to switch back to using Tide®".

No, I haven't found another SUPER deal on Tide® which has greatly saddened me. You see, with a family of 8, I wash A LOT of laundry!!! I had to resign myself to the fact that, for my daughter's sake, I would just have to go back to using only Tide®. No, my daughter is not just being difficult. No, she will not just get used to another detergent. Due to Sensory Integration Disorder, Tide® will be the ONLY detergent for our family. My daughter is WORTH it.

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