Friday, January 22, 2016

High School

After getting past the first hurdle of your child's education journey, teaching him/her how to read and write, I find the next mountainous hurdle to be high school. There are so many decisions to make. Academics become more challenging, intensive, and time consuming. During these pivotal years teenagers begin the natural process of pulling away and becoming more independent. With this independence comes working through disappointment, heartache, and consequences for poor choices made. As a parent you don't want to see them make poor choices or suffer difficulty. But, on the other hand, it is important and necessary to let them fail. Most high schoolers are getting their first part time jobs, learning to juggle both school and work. 

Back to the academics. Do you utilize co-op's or community college for dual credit? I have come to realize that all of these things need to be individualized based on each child. 

For my oldest, dual credit just wasn't a good fit. She really enjoyed her co-op classes and the close knit friendships she made. My daughter is a dancer so she was teaching dance as well as taking dance classes. In addition to teaching dance she also babysat, a lot. When the discussion of community college and dual credit came up, after looking at her goals we decided that dual credit just was not the way to go. Now that my daughter is two years out from high school graduation she still does not regret the decision that she made. God has blessed her indevors and has opened so many doors of opportunity. If she would have followed another path for high school she would not be where she is today. 

For our second child, we will do some dual credit next year. She will be a Junior and she she is in a place where it will benefit her academically. Our daughter is a gifted artist and being able to foster her artistic talent art classes at the college level are a perfect fit. 

Our son, who is is currently a Freshman will do dual credit as soon as we can sign him up!!!! As a boy he needs someone other than MOMMY leading the way. He needs the added structure as well as the accountability to someone other than me. Right now he is thriving in the co-op setting. On the other hand, the subjects that he does for me, not so much. I am very ready to have him being accountable, academically to someone other than me. Maturity wise, I also belief that this is crucial that he be pushed an challenged. 

Each kiddo is so very unique and different. What works for one may not be the best fit for the next. That is the beauty of homeschooling.


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