Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Write It Your Way

Write It Your Way
Write It Your Way is a workbook targeted for 4th grade, ages 9-10. In this workbook your student will work on learning about the various styles of writing, composition, literary analysis, organizing ideas, and so much more. 

  • Reading Like a Writer, Writing Like a Reader
  • Journal Prompts 
  • Opinion Writing
  • Heroes and Villains: Story Writing
This workbook gives your student an engaging, fun way to introduce writing. Your student will become a detective and find clues hidden within literature to fill out character profiles. The student will have an opportunity to journal using writing prompts. One such example is, "Would you rather..........Be haunted by a ghost, or be chased by a monster?". 

Most 4th graders have very strong opinions and they will get a chance to express their opinions as they learn how to:
  1. Support Identification
  2. Develop Support Statements
  3. Write for a Reader
  4. Persuade
  5. Use Your Voice
Through the use of heroes and villains your student will learn story writing basics. This includes both writing in paragraph form, cartoon strip bubbles, and writing their own mini movie. 

My Superpower 

My kiddo enjoyed exploring writing skills alongside superhero's. The activities were challenging and definitely helped develop her writing skills. 

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I received a copy of this workbook for my honest review. 

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