Monday, January 4, 2016

First day back....

Today we jumped back into schoolwork after a fun and relaxing Christmas break. I am pleased to say that there was NO crying, NO complaining, and NO slow poking. Before you think my kiddos are angels or they just really love schoolwork let me say, they are not. Getting up and out of bed was a bit of a process, but went much better than expected.

We have added in some extra workbooks to the mix for variety and something new. The workbooks are not to replace any of our current curriculum. At first there were some sighs and groans but then the kiddos actually decided they were kind of fun!!

I really do not believe in NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS but I am hoping to reincorporate poetry memorization back into our  requirements. My older children memorized a great deal of poetry. With the craziness of life I have let it fall to the wayside for the younger kiddos. Kiddos are like gigantic sponges. This semester I want those sponges to be full of poetry.

I cannot wait to share our fun adventures with you all this semester!!!

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